Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Six month shots... :(

Connor had his six month shots today, and he actually did really well! He cried a little more this time, but that is because I forgot to give him Tylenol before we went - bad mommy! I did give him some when we got home, and then we eventually settled down together for a two hour nap! I love those!! He hasn't needed any more Tylenol since then, and really wasn't affected at all, but we will see how he is tomorrow!

He got weighed and measured today, and I am very happy with his numbers!

Weight: 14lb 14oz
Height: 26in (clearly last month when I did it myself, I didn't do it right, because he shrank an inch and a half!!)
Head circ.: 41.6cm

He is in the 10th percentile for weight and head circumference, and in the 25th for height. The nurse said that if he always stays in a greater percentile for height that he will always look skinny. Which of course worries me now, but he'll probably be thankful for that eventually!

Not much else is new, other than that Connor has taken to pooping shortly after I put him to bed each night, which I am pretty sure is his way of trying to stay up just a little longer!! He is already back to a late bedtime because of the heat, so our bedtime routine is pretty much out the window!

Here are a few pictures from the last week or so, and I will post again tomorrow, for Connor's half birthday!

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I just love this outfit!!!
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Countdown to solids: 3 days!!!

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