Saturday, July 28, 2007

No more peas, please!!!

So, we tried peas a few days ago, and Connor was not the biggest fan, and I was not at all surprised!! He will eat it, but he makes a very unimpressed face when he does!! I am giving it one more try tomorrow, and then we are moving on to something fun!! Here are some pictures of Connor's first and second attempt at peas!

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The Dr. told me to start with veggies.... and I did! We tried peas.... and now we are moving on to something fun! Pears!!! And homemade pears at that!! I had an absolute blast making homemade baby food tonight! I have a whole whack of ice cube trays full of pears and carrots! I got the book,'First Meals' by Annabel Karmel, which has some very basic puree 'recipes' in it, all the way up to meals for toddlers and children!

I knew making baby food would be as simple as cook, blend, freeze, but I also knew that there were a few things that needed to be done differently, so I really like having a reference so I know what needs to be baked versus steamed, dried versus fresh, things like that.

My plan from now on is to alternate back and forth between introducing veggies and fruit, one new every 3 days, and I will also be starting to give Connor three 'meals' a day as of tomorrow.

Breakfast will be where we try out our newest food, so we have all day to see if there is any reaction, and I will probably give oatmeal cereal sometimes too. Lunch will probably be a fruit and a veggie, and eventually barley cereal, and dinner will be Rice Cereal and a veggie, and eventually meat, and maybe fruit once we slow down on the whole cereal thing!! I am just kind of winging it, so I'm sure this will all change again once Connor is eating more mixed meals and finger foods.

I still find this whole solid foods thing a little stressful! It was nice when he just ate only one thing! It's becoming more fun and less stress though, and making my own food was a huge confidence booster for me! I have always wanted to try it, so I am glad it was a success!!

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