Monday, July 30, 2007

Connor would rather suck on my dirty toe than eat home made pears!!

Yep, you heard me!! Apparently my home made pears were not the hit I thought they would be! He ate them, but he didn't seem to like them any more or less than anything else he has tried! He is very reluctant to try new tastes, so if the blonde hair didn't give it away, this confirms it - he is his father's son!!

However, unlike his father, Connor will try things more than once, and eventually learn to like them! Over the past couple days Connor has really started to like pretty much everything else we have tried! He definitely likes Oatmeal better than rice cereal, he doesn't mind when prunes are added, and he is really starting to dig peas! I know he will like peas even more when I make them myself, too! What he loves most, however, is pulling himself along the floor until he reaches my foot, and then sucking on it! I slaved over a hot steamer for those pears, and he gets way more excited over my dirty-from-my-flip-flops big toe!!! What a silly little man!!

Other than that, bedtime is going quite well! Connor sleeps from about 7:30pm to about 6:30am, and he is getting really good at going in his crib awake, and not putting up much of a fuss! Naps on the other hand, are a bit different! He much prefers to nap with me than go in his crib! It's really hard on me because the last thing I want to do during the day is lie down and have a snooze with my cuddly little boy! (I know sarcasm doesn't translate all that well through text, but I think you get the idea!) I did manage to get over an hour long nap out of him today, so even though he's not napping in his crib, I still consider this progress!! I managed to get him napping in the crib at three months instead of in his swing... so I can do this too! I just have to want to, I suppose!!

Some more pics of my messy eater:

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Theresa said...

This is such a hilarious post! You really captured the spirit of your and Connor's adventure into the world of solid food! I'm sure the little man will soon be gobbling up his pears and leaving your tootsies alone !

Lori said...

Thanks Theresa!!

Today he liked his pears much better, and he gobbled up his peas and rice cereal at supper like crazy! He just takes a while to warm up to new things!!