Monday, April 7, 2008

Better Late than Never!!

Well, I guess i just need to come to terms with the fact that I will only post once a week at most, even though I always think it will be sooner!

There is not too much new going on - Connor continues to get better at walking, and tries to copy everything we say and do! He has started trying to put his own bib on even! We had dinner at Auntie Elvie and Uncle Dale's house today, and Connor even tried to say Eeyore when Elvie said it!!

And - we did move the seat to the forward facing position, and Connor loves it! He always gets a huge grin on his face when we look back at him! I really like being able to see what he is doing, too, but now he can throw his toys much farther, and it's harder for me to find them!

So - his current height/weight stats are:

Weight: 20lb 13oz.
Height 30 1/4in.

He's still a lightweight, but he makes up for it in speed!