Saturday, October 6, 2007

Highchair Hijinx!!

Connor does some silly stuff in his high chair these days, and I can tell you one thing, he certainly is his mother's son! I'll have to let you in on a well kept secret of mine, so you can truly appreciate the similarities...

It all started long ago, when I was a very young little girl... My mom would start the vacuum, and I would jump on the the couch, start banging my head against the back of it, and chant, "Wayne Gretzky, Wayne Gretzky!!" Apparently I liked the way the vacuum sounded when I did that, and as for the Gretzky thing, my mom was a huge hockey fan, and I guess it was a name I heard a lot back then!

So, without further ado, I present to you my head banging son... thankfully he hasn't started with the chanting yet! Aside from the head banging, it's actually a super cute video, because Connor sees his Daddy outside, and almost seems to point and then make some "dada" type noises!!

And here's another silly highchair video!

We finally bought Connor a convertible car seat, though he still has two inches, and about 5 pounds to go before he needs to be out of his infant seat!! We bought the Alpha Omega Elite 3 in 1. I have heard some great stuff about this seat, and it was on sale, so we went ahead and got it! And, of course, we had to get Connor a new toy while we were at Toys'R'Us!

Here are some pictures of Connor with his LeapFrog Learn-Around™ Playground. He will scoot right up to it, stand up, and play for a long time!!

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