Saturday, June 2, 2007

Heat = Cranky Baby!

It's been almost 30 above the last few days, and the heat has made Connor(and Mommy and Daddy) a little bit cranky!! And, on top of that the mosquitoes are horrible, even in the mid-day heat, so there is no way we can spend any time outside.

I bought the book 'Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child' by Dr. Mark Weissbluth, and I am only about 60 pages in(it's a 500 page book!) But I am getting the idea that Connor is still going to bed too late, so today I tried to remedy that. We had a bath in the big tub from 6-6:30pm, then a little massage, then he ate, we read the rest of 'The Lion King' and at shortly after 7pm I tried to put him down. Well, that didn't work very well! He would be quit for a minute or so, then start whining for another few minutes, and then came the all out cry. I would go in there and he would be on his tummy! He finally fell asleep at 8:22pm, which is a new record, so I guess I should be happy! He did cry again shortly after 9pm, and he was on his tummy again when I went in, but I rolled him back over and he went right back to sleep.

Now it has started raining, and there is a nice breeze, so hopefully the house will be a comfortable temperature tonight!

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