Wednesday, May 2, 2007

West Edmonton Mall!

Today Connor and I visited the biggest mall in the world!(At least I think it's still the biggest!) We were going to go for a walk in St. Albert again, but it was raining, so we headed to the mall with Beth and Jamie!! We looked at all the fish in PJ's pets, and in the big aquarium by the Ice Palace, Connor was mesmerized by them!!

They were filming a movie at the mall so there were Christmas decorations everywhere, which was kinda silly! We walked through the area where they were filming and we were told to "Just keep walking and don't look at the camera!"

We had a rough ride home though! Connor was hungry so we ended up stopping in a turn out and I fed him in the back seat of the car! Actually, we stopped five times total before Connor finally fell asleep! Poor little guy, next time I will be sure to feed him before we leave, but we should have had plenty of time to get home before his next feeding! He had woken up early from his nap, and was just not a happy camper until I fed him!

Anyway, all is well! After we got home Connor relaxed with Daddy and tried on his first pair of headphones!

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

He's so cute I can hardly stand it!!

Tonight's bedtime routine went pretty well! He still wasn't too sure about the formula, he would spit most of it out and push the bottle out of his mouth a lot. I think he only ate 3-4oz tonight, but that's okay by me! After I finished feeding him I rocked him for a bit, and then put him in his crib. He was still quite awake, but he would spit out his soother and try to eat his stuffed bulldog that he loves to sleep with! So, I figured I would see how he did if I just left him like that, and he put himself right to sleep after only a few minutes! He has only done that a handful of times before, and always with a soother in his mouth, so this was a good little step! Hopefully we can keep this up!

So 10:20pm is official bedtime tonight. Not his earliest bedtime, but a good one!

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