Sunday, May 6, 2007

Quick update!

Not too much new happening the past few days! The night before last, Connor slept 11 hours straight though! It was incredible! I am sure that giving him a bottle of formula a night has something to do with it though!

Of course, last night, even with formula, he woke up at 4am!! It was very rainy and windy though, and the wind was making howling noises that kept me up, so I am sure that Connor wasn't sleeping that well either!

We went to Ikea today, and they had a lot of little stuffed animals, so Derek picked out one for Connor.... a RAT! A stuffed rat!! It's actually super cute, and Connor likes to chew on his face and tail! I decided it should have a Mafia type name, so it's called Capone. Capone the rat.

That is all.

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