Monday, November 26, 2007

No more bottles!!

Well, we are on day 4 of no bottles at all! Dropping his bedtime bottle went really well! I tried 4 ounces for a few days, and then started giving him a little more milk at 3pm in his sippy cup, and then he gets some milk with supper. So now our bedtime routine is bath, book, song, and bed! I still do hope that he will be able to stay up till 7pm eventually, because 6pm is just so early! He is always tired during supper at 5pm though, so I know I can't push it any later yet.

On the other hand, Connor seems to be fighting his afternoon nap a bit more lately, and I sure hope that he isn't dropping it, because I'm not ready for that yet, and I don't think he is, either!

Connor has been pointing at things in the books we read for a few weeks now. It's very cute to see all his little fingers folded up and then just this one little one sticking out and pointing at the smallest things! He really likes to point at the mouse in the story, "Goodnight Moon", and when Daddy reads "Z is for Zamboni" he points at the faces.

I think that Connor has also learned his second word!! Actually, this may be his first, because the word he uses for Leo seems to be constantly changing! His new word is definitely the same word all the time - he says "Uh oh!" He says it when he drops toys down the stairs, or when he throws food on the floor! He makes 'oh' sounds all the time, but this is a very clear "Uh oh!" It is sometimes followed by a whole string of other sounds though, which makes Daddy a little skeptical that it's an actual word! Whether he means it or not, it's totally adorable!!

I'll finish this post off with a couple cute pictures of Connor and Leo watching TV a little too closely!!

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I don't have the TV on very much, but I have to admit I like the Backyardigans and Pocoyo, which is what they were watching at the time! I had to keep moving Connor back because he stands right up at the TV and touches everything! Strangely, I thought that putting his toy box in front of the TV would keep him farther away, but that was not successful!

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Theresa said...

I must come and visit soon to see this adorable pointing!