Thursday, September 6, 2007

A few new things...

So , Connor will be crawling pretty soon I think! He is really good at getting up on his hands and knees, and he rocks back and forth like crazy!! He has even started lifting his hand up, and sometimes he moves his knees up one by one, he just hasn't put it all together yet! But, what he has started doing is lunging himself forward when he is up on all fours. Normally, this doesn't cause a problem, but when he does it on the changing table, it causes this:
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It doesn't look too bad, but he managed to lunge forward and hit his face, right between the eyes, on the edge of the dresser which is right next to the change table. He only cried for a few seconds, and then he was all smiles again, but he now has a small yellow bruise there. :(

I have started to dress Connor, and even put on his diaper when he is in the crawling position! He just will not stay on his back for more than a few seconds! It's funny, because I was so excited for when Connor could sit up, so that I could sit him somewhere, and put a bunch of toys around him, and he would just play.... But he seems to have skipped that stage, because he learned to scoot before he learned to sit, and now he never stays put!!

I am still doing some "nap training" with Connor, which pretty much consists of me "sleeping" on the floor in his room until he falls asleep, and slowly moving closer to the door over several days. Well, I am at the door now, and was all ready to move to the other side of the door this weekend, but Connor decided today that he would learn how to pull himself up!!! I heard this thump, thump, thump noise while I was pretending to sleep, so I peeked over and sure enough, Connor is banging his hand against the top rail of the crib, happy as can be! He only managed to get to his knees though, not all the way to standing, but Derek and I moved the crib to the very bottom setting, instead of the middle one, just in case! I know it won't be long until he stands, because he pretty much does it in the tub already, but I'll tell you more about that in a minute!

So, we have the crib moved down, and I an trying to get Connor to nap again. He pulls himself to his knees, and then flops over into a sitting position, and tries to stuff his toys through the crib slats. After a minute, it seems like he wants to lay down, but he doesn't really know how! He can get to his tummy from sitting, but not to his back! So, he flops backwards and in the process gets his arm stuck in the crib slats!!! He is not very happy about this!! I help him to lie down, and eventually he does fall asleep for a nap. . . A 20 minute nap. Sadly, that seems to be his nap length of choice these days, though I did get a 35 minute nap out of him today also, yippee!!!

From what I have read, once he is good at falling asleep on his own for naps, then they should gradually lengthen after a week or two, so hopefully by 9 months, he will be a champion napper again! One can hope, right???

Anyway, on to the bath story! Derek didn't want me to post this, but I am going to anyway,because I think it's kind of neat! I mentioned earlier that Connor has started to stand up in the tub, well, he needs my help a little because it's slippery, but it seems that he does this when he has to poop! For the last four nights Connor has stood up, looked down, and peed! And then he starts with the grunting! The first night I wasn't quick enough, but for the last three nights, I have managed to get Connor on to the toilet in time to poop! There have been a few misfires in the tub, but hey, what can you expect??? So it seems that, when in the bath anyway, Connor is very aware of when he's gotta go! I am hoping that this leads to an easy, and early potty trainer, but we will see!

Well, today's post was a lot of rambling, and not a lot of pictures - I'll be sure to make up for that next time!

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