Monday, December 24, 2007

So many changes!

Just a quick pre-Christmas post to mention all the new things that Connor has been doing lately! He now waves, but it takes a while to get him to do it! When he waves good night to Daddy and Leo, he usually doesn't start to wave until I start closing his bedroom door! He also does "so big!!" when you ask "How big is Connor?" but only if you lift your arms up and say, "so big!", too. He just started this a day or so ago though, so he's still getting the hang of it!

He also has started to stand on his own!! Mostly once he pulls up on something he will let go for a few seconds, and then sit down, but he also has started using my legs when I am sitting on the floor to get part of the way up, and then he will straighten the rest of the way on his own. It's very cute to see him with his arms out for balance slowly lowering himself back into a sit, too.

In other news, Leo has discovered that good things usually happen when he sticks close to Connor.

As an example:

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Connor discovered how to get into the box of Frosted Flakes, and Leo was right there to assist in the clean up process! It was adorable, and of course I let them play in it while I grabbed the camera, but I think we will be moving the cereal up a shelf from now on!!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, and I'll be sure to post about Connor's first Christmas in a few days!!

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