Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy First Birthday Big Boy!!

No more little man here!! Connor is literally just a few steps away from being a toddler. He's a One Year Old!! It's unbelievable the changes that happen in such a short time, and I still see them every day. It's silly, but I thought that when Connor turned one, that he would all of a sudden be so different, and though he is changing quickly, it's not that quickly!! I was happy to see that Connor still needs me just as much, and he is still my little boy, at the same time as being my big boy!!

On Friday, January 11th, Connor went in for his one year check up, and things are going well! Dr Kumar was amazed at the strength Connor has, and said that he was very healthy and wonderfully active, but, as always, we are keeping an eye on his weight. He has dropped under the 5th percentile now, just a tad, but the Dr. was not surprised, considering the way Connor moves around!

His stats are as follows:

Weight: 18lb 13oz
Height 29.5in

So, that's a whopping 3 ounce gain this month! He has been gaining almost a pound a month for the last couple months, but he is really getting moving lately - he has taken one or two steps a couple times recently, and he is climbing all over everything! Also, he has been teething for the past 5 weeks, and his appetite has not been great, but....

He finally got his third tooth on his Birthday! After everyone had left, I was changing Connor, and I noticed his top tooth had finally broken though! Yay! It wasn't through earlier that morning, so he must've been actively cutting a tooth while at his party! No wonder he didn't want any chocolate cake! (Pictures to follow!)

We are well under way with the switch to whole milk. We probably would have been completely switched already, but I told Daddy to pick up two cans of formula last time, not thinking about how much longer one lasts when you are splitting it with whole milk! So, once this can is gone, he will be completely switched, probably by the end of the month. Connor quite likes his whole milk, but I think it might be affecting his tummy a bit. Let's just say he has started eating prunes again! I find this really odd, because all other dairy has the opposite affect on him.

I also have discovered that tomato sauce makes Connor's face red. It's weird, because he has had spaghetti probably 10 times or so, and it has never done it to him before, but this last time it sure did make his cheeks red. His cheeks were already bad because he was teething, so I wonder if maybe it won't affect him if he isn't teething. It doesn't really make sense, but I can't understand why it took so long to show a reaction. Also, he eats raw tomatoes like crazy, and they don't affect him at all! It's too bad, because Connor loves noodles and spaghetti, but we'll just have to make pasta with a non-tomato sauce for the time being!

Well, I think I have rambled enough, on to the pictures!

We decided we should do a little recreation of an old picture, just for funzies, so here is Connor at two days old:

And here he is on his first Birthday:
Connor Jan 12_1.jpg

And here are some pictures from Connor's Party:

This is the cake I made for Connor.... It's not fancy,but I was pretty proud of it! (I'll try something a little more difficult next year Connor, I promise!!)
Connor's Birthday 10.jpg

As you can see, Connor was not that excited about the cake I put so much work into:
Connor's Birthday 6.jpg
Connor's Birthday 5.jpg

He hardly ate any of it at all, but he did start making a little mess, eventually!

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A few more party pictures - it was a very casual, mellow get together, but it was nice to have both sides of the family there, and even some friends I haven't seen in ages!

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I wanted to get one picture with everybody in it, but of course I forgot!

It was a wonderful day, and I hope that everyone had as good a time as Connor and I did! Thanks so much to everyone for coming, and making the day a great success!

Happy First Birthday Connor!
Your Mommy and Daddy have enjoyed every moment of the past year, and we look forward to seeing you continue to grow right before our eyes, and amaze us each and every day!
We love you very much!

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