Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A few steps closer to walking!


Connor had an amazing day today! He has been taking a few steps here and there, but today he took 7 unassisted steps!! I set him up against the couch and lured him towards me by holding two of his soothers in my mouth!! I may hate the fact that he still loves his soother, but, it sure works to motivate him!! He walked to me over and over and over! And I would move a little farther back each time, and he actually made 7 steps all on his own! And then, he actually stood up completely on his own, without holding on to anything, and took a couple steps too!

And then, he also learned how to get off of the couch by himself by backing off of it on his tummy. All of this within half an hour! It was incredible!

Oh - he also discovered what a brush is for, and now likes to brush his own hair or our hair. Too cute!!

His second top tooth has also finally broken through, maybe yesterday or today, it was very hard to tell! So, I am hoping that he will start to get happier soon, he has been really cranky for the past few weeks.

I am so excited that my little guy is getting so close to walking!! He's almost a toddler!

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