Monday, May 19, 2008

Connor Loves Camping!

May Long Weekend, the first long weekend of summer, has come and gone... We took Connor camping for the very first time! In fact, it was his very first night away from his crib, and I am happy to report things went remarkably well!! I think Connor was just so exhausted from spending all that time outside that he didn't care where he slept! He did wake up very, very early in the morning though - pretty much as soon as the birds started chirping!

Connor had a blast playing in the sand, going for walks, and he loved the swing at the playground! But, Mommy's favorite part were the naps together in the hammock! It just doesn't get better than that! I was so worried that Connor wouldn't nap at all during the day, but no one can resist the calming, lulling sway of a hammock in the outdoors!

I will admit, camping just became a whole lot more work than it was pre-baby, but it was a ton of fun!(We just had to come home a day early to recoup!)

Pictures to follow shortly!

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