Friday, September 19, 2008

A busy summer, and many changes!

Well, I am pretty sure that you all had just about given up on any new posts from me! Some new and exciting things are happening and I just had to make the time to post about them because I want to make sure that I always have this blog to look back on!

So, it was a busy summer, and it has been many months since I last posted. The reason for this is because at the beginning of the summer Derek and I finally decided to start planning our wedding, and that wedding date is almost here! One week away to be exact! So, as you can imagine, planning a wedding in 4 months does not leave much time for blogging! I am so excited to make our family official, and with the planning all but finished, I just knew it was time to get to blogging again! I will be sure to post pictures of the 'Day the Mellott's became official' once we get them back from our fabulous photographers, Penny McKelvie and Aspen Zettel of Centree Photography.

But, enough about Derek and I, I know what you really want to hear about is our little man, Connor! He is now 20 and a half months old, and in the last three weeks has had gotten 4 molars! He was not a happy camper during this time, as you can imagine, but he seems to be through the worst of it, at least for the time being. It looks as though the bottom eye teeth are soon to follow, and I have heard these are the worst, so there could be some rough nights ahead!

This summer Derek bought one of those above ground pools for our backyard, and after a few shaky first dips, Connor began to love it! Derek even made a solar heating panel to help warm the water, and it most definitely helped, but the water was still quite chilly, nonetheless. We didn't seem to have enough consecutive warm days to keep the pool at a comfortable temperature. So, at the end of August, we took the pool down untikl next summer.

Today Conor and I decided to finally go to the Harbour Pool in Fort Saskatchewan! It was also quite chilly, but after a while Connor really started to like it! When we were getting dressed to go home, Connor would say, "More, More!" and point back to the entrance of the pool! We went during an hour onh Public Swim session, and there could not have been more than 15 people in the pool, which was really great! But, alas, it was too short, we had to go just when Connor was really starting to feel comfortable! I promised Connor we would be back before too long, because we both had a really great time!

Well, that is all for now, as always, I willbe back as soon as I can, but there's no saying how long that will be!

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Corinne said...

Congrats on the news!!! Have a happy wedding!!!