Tuesday, January 23, 2007

First real check-up.

Connor had a Dr appointment this morning, it didn't go very well. I totally didn't like the Dr at all! Connor was just circumcised yesterday, so it was still bleeding a bit, and it wouldn't stop bleeding when I was changing him, so the Dr made me try to breastfeed him while holding on to his little willy to try and stop the bleeding. So there I am in the little office trying to feed him one handed- I've only been doing this for 11 days, so I am not good at it yet, and my boobs still hurt like crazy, my other hand is trying to "apply pressure" to Connor's little thing, but I am terrified of hurting him, and he is pooping everywhere!

And while I am doing all of this, I can hear the nurses talking outside the room about how they think the circumcision should have been done differently! Grr!

The bleeding didn't stop so I was told to call the Dr that did the procedure, and if I couldn't get a hold of him, to head in to the hospital. I called Derek on the way home to tell him what happened, and then tried to call Dr Mayo's office, but no one was answering so I headed off to the Sturgeon Hospital. The Dr. appointment was in Fort Saskatchewan, but I wanted to go to the hospital where Connor was born, and then Derek could meet us there.

We must have waited in the ER for three hours or so before we saw someone, and by that time the bleeding had completely stopped, but it was nice to be reassured that all was well anyway. And during all of this commotion, Connor's umbilical stump fell off, which was great, because I didn't like looking at that yucky thing!

So after one completely stressful day, all is well, and we head back home! I think this was sort of my way of learning that from this point on, there will always be something for me to worry about!

Oh- and we are totally getting a new Doctor!!

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